Fun, Kid Friendly Bio

Kwame Alexander has written 32 books, three of them in a chair next to a fireplace at his neighborhood Panera Bread. He now writes in a writing studio he built a few years ago. It has huge windows, a large painting of John Coltrane, 3000 books, heated floors, a blue couch, and a loft which was Randy’s idea. When he’s not writing, Kwame’s watching reruns of Everybody Hates Chriswith his soon-to-be six feet tall middle school daughter, reading manuscripts for Versify, the publishing company he founded, and travelling to schools and libraries across the globe with his best friend, singer/songwriter/guitarist/Chicken Caesar Salad enthusiast Randy Preston. Kwame has eaten snails, chocolate covered bugs, and grasscutter, which is like a big rat, which he had no idea he was eating because it was in a really tasty stew he ate in Ghana while building a library and a health clinic in a village called Konko. He’s never eaten Frogs. But, he has written a book about them called Surf’s Up. And, some other books you may have heard of like The Crossover and Swing and The Undefeated and Out of Wonder, all New York Times Bestsellers, which his Dad likes to brag about in grocery stores and doctor’s offices. Kwame loves jazz. Kwame loves his family. Kwame loves his job. Kwame’s job is to Change the World One Word at a Time. Oh yeah, he also won the Newbery Medal. Whoa!

updated: 1 year ago