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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker


“On behalf of President Weingarten, the TEACH team and our members, please pass on our thanks to Kwame for coming out to speak at our annual conference, in what ended up being a powerful and moving session. His talk certainly provided our members an inspiring message, and food for thought. It was one of the more popular sessions, and his name came up quite a few times in the conference evaluations (and I know several people have already inquired about getting him to speak at one of their events).”—Emily Kopilow, American Federation of Teachers

“I cannot begin to express my appreciation for your presentations at our Cultural Literature Conference. You made our first event such a success! So very, very many teachers said thank you to me for bringing you here, and numerous ones also said that they would make sure that their entire buildings or entire region of the state were here next year. I know that the teachers gained much by the knowledge and connections with you, and I feel confident that they will now incorporate your works (and hopefully more works by diverse authors) in their lessons.“—Suzanne McPherson, Fort Smith Schools, Arkansas

updated: 3 months ago