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Why Fathers Cry

Part II: "Portrait of a Father" with Nandi Alexander-Hinton

WHY FATHERS CRY: One Year Later Special

Why Fathers Cry Podcast with Kwame Alexander

So many of us have had a fallout with someone once held dear, or know someone in this scenario. In Part II of the Why Fathers Cry: One Year Later special, Kwame Alexander opens up about his own experience on this front in the most important conversation he’s had throughout the series – and in his life – with his eldest daughter, Nandi.

As Kwame wrote about in his memoir, Why Fathers Cry at Night, the two had been estranged for the past several years – an estrangement still in play at the time the book was released last May. Learn what brought them back together, why Nandi suggested she join Kwame on the show, and what she hopes others will glean from their discussion.

In this deeply personal, honest, and inspiring father-and-daughter dialogue, Kwame and Nandi open their hearts and examine what each has discovered about themselves and each other – plus reveal some incredible, life-changing news.

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Why Fathers Cry: One Year Later is a Big Sea Entertainment production, hosted by Kwame Alexander. Produced by Sarah Grace McCandless. Post-production by Jeremy Brieske at Burst Marketing

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